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The Cannonball Mindset

Dec 4, 2018

With 75 thousand shows and more than 20 million subscribers, Hulu has made a powerful impact on culture and the SVOD category (Subscription Video on Demand).

I sat down with Jim O’Donnell, Hulu’s VP of West Coast Advertising Sales. He gave me all the details of Hulu’s powerful culture on our Cannonball Mindset podcast.

Jim’s career may seem rather diversified: ESPN, Martha Stewart, Vogue, and even a startup, GOOD Worldwide Inc. But here’s the commonality: He’s only worked places he really loved: He’s a phenomenal home cook, loves hanging out with his wife and daughter, and enjoyed the financial infrastructure of ESPN.

But when you talk to Jim, he’s especially proud of the culture at Hulu.

That’s probably because of how much fun they have.