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The Cannonball Mindset

Sep 27, 2018

We often see the results of a person’s life and make up our own story of how they got there.

As a powerful person and successful lawyer, it would be easy to assume that Lori Kalani, Member and Co-Chair of State Attorneys General Practice at Cozen O'Connor, was born into wealth, money, and success.

We'd be wrong.


Sep 18, 2018

Let others own the impossibility of things.

In the second part of a two part interview, I finish the interview with Charlie Engle, Author of The Running Man and ultra marathon runner.

At this point in his story, Charlie has just made the decision to fight the addiction that’s killing him and clung to running as an...

Sep 11, 2018

  • Sometimes you jump on the train and don’t know how to get off.

In part one of a two episode series, I sat down with Charlie Engle, Author of The Running Man and ultra marathon runner,  to listen to his story of addiction, recovery, and the track that led him to becoming one of the premiere long distance runners in...

Sep 4, 2018

It’s not about who you know - It’s about who knows you. This episode’s guest is David Avrin - and due to the 74,700 results that pop up when you search his name, you probably already know him as The Visibility Coach. After over 20 years, he left the worlds of Marketing and PR. He now travels the world to teach...