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The Cannonball Mindset

May 14, 2019

Peter is like the corporate Patch Adams - focused on the people in his company.

An entrepreneur from the start, he believes that creating a culture of joy and positivity makes a world of a difference.  Caring for your people is what catapults your company to success.

Who are you sharing your company with?  Peter, just like many business leaders, quickly realized that growth means delegation - a sharing of the creative responsibility, result ownership, and business success.  This is trust, and it’s difficult to do.

But he believes It’s the small things that make you successful.  Investing in your corporate culture creates an environment of growth and trust, allowing people to enter it and flourish.  These are the people with whom you can share the vision for your business. They’ll load the catapult.

Peter shared his baby steps toward success on this episode of Cannonball Mindset.