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The Cannonball Mindset

Apr 9, 2019

Some of us dream of becoming a football player. Some want to get their Ph.D, and others hope to serve with NGOs.

Few of us ever accomplish even 1 of those dreams.

Kenneth Reeves has done them all.

He holds a Ph.D in HR Training & Leadership Development from Texas A&M, is on the Board of Directors for Youth Advocate Programs, and is currently the Chief People Officer at International Nutrition & Wellness Manufacturing.

And you may recognize some of his other pitstops: YMCA (Chief HR Officer), Reliant Energy, Radioshack, Bell Helicopter, even Enron.

(Oh, yeah, and Kenneth played football for the Eagles and the Browns for 5 seasons.)

If you’re surprised to learn that last fact, then you’re in good company: Our host, Chad, had been talking to Kenneth for over half an hour about his incredible career, his inspiring life stories, his incredible respect for his family, before he found out that Kenneth played for the NFL.

Here are the highlights from that interview: