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The Cannonball Mindset

Jun 18, 2019

Fifty years ago Mollie’s dad started Group Two Advertising.

He found a category that he loved, real estate, and created an ad agency to serve that market.

After many successful years, he started winding down. He called Molly and asked if she wanted to take over the business.

Naturally, she took the plunge.

She came into the housing industry right after the market had its downfall. Everyone was going out of business. But she knew she had something new, something unique to bring to build the business back up.

And no surprise, Group Two is still thriving today.

Whenever I mention her name, people respond, “she’s the one to know.”

She’s Mollie Elkman, President and Owner of Group Two Advertising.

Mollie is a trailblazer, known for making things happen.

She’s got a great story and she came on this episode of the Cannonball Mindset podcast to share it, along with some of the great lessons she’s learned along the way.